Cold laser for well-being

By working  along the meridians that intersect throughout the body, the cold laser improves the condition of the following problems:

  • High blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Various types of rhinitis (e.g. pollen allergy)
  • Acute rhinitis (e. g. allergies to mites, varnish, mould and other factors)
  • Sinusitis
  • Blood hyperviscosity
  • High blood viscosity
  • Nasal polyps (often resulting from chronic rhinitis)
  • Cerebral vascular disease
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Intended use

Meridians are energy routes in the human body through which a life energy called Qi flows (also called  prana, mana, etc.). Not only the energy of the organ but also the energy of our emotions and our thoughts flows through the meridians. The system connects our internal organs, tissues and joints, also connecting the inside of our body with its surface into an organic whole. Eliminates blockages and restores the correct Qi energy flow.

It is the job of the meridians to:

  • Nourish and supply energy to the whole body (organs, tissues)
  • Connect the body into the energetic whole
  • Power the associated organ with energy
  • Maintain balance between YIN and YANG
  • Have a defence function
  • Reflect the symptoms and condition of organs and the body

When the energy flow in the meridians or organs gets blocked, deficient, excessive, or unbalanced, the balance of Yin and Yang in the body is disturbed and thus disease can occur.

The cold laser penetrates the meridians and thus affects the balanced functioning of the organs, so we avoid possible problems that could arise due to the unbalanced action on individual organs, that is in the body.

Product description

Product name: Cold laser

Model: GD10-D

Degree of safety: Class 2.a laser

Therapy method: External cold laser

Safety: An electrical source is built into the housing

Product use

Always place the cold laser on the hand arm as wearing a watch. It works with a low-intensity laser that converts optical energy into internal energy. As a result, it regulates the balance in the body, reduces the viscosity of the blood, improves microcirculation, activates various enzymes and stimulates the function of the adrenal gland.

This can reduce blood sugar levels, improve blood viscosity, reduce the rate of erythrocyte and thrombocyte aggregation, reduce peripheral resistance, lower heart rate and regulate blood pressure evenness. It can also have the effect of lowering blood fat and improving the flexibility of blood vessel walls, which is crucial in regulating blood pressure.

By improving blood viscosity and regulating vascular flow, microcirculation is improved, erythrocyte oxygen content is increased, oxygen free radicals are reduced and removed, which can prevent thrombosis, improve myocardial ischaemia and hypoxia, reduce the consequences of angina and myocardial infarction complications as well as other cardiovascular consequences that SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 patients may suffer from.

Laser devices are not recommended for pregnant women, patients with cancer, patients with haemorrhagic diseases, patients with pacemakers and people with organ transplants.

Technical data

Laser wavelength 650nm ±20nm
Maximum laser power generation 5mW ±20%
Laser function mode Continuous
Deviation in laser operation ≤±10%
Horizontal beam divergence angle Min.: 5° Average: 9° Max.: 12°
Vertical beam divergence angle Min.: 30° Average: 36° Max.: 42°
Activity zone To be selected from 15min~60min
Screen type Liquid Crystal Display
Energy source Lithium Ion battery 1800mAh
Battery power DC5V
Power input ≤10VA
Recommended operation temperature Temperature 5℃–40℃
Humidity Relative humidity ≤80%